Friday 15 May 2015

Guest blog : Knowing Chilli

Much delighted to share a guest blog from "Innovative Head Chef" YUM Restaurants International Rahul Shrivastava.

Multi Cusine Specialist chef is an IHM Chandigarh pass out.

Sharing his insights on uses and varieties of chillies in different civilisations

Chillies are an integral part of any civilisation. In fact the usage of the chillies make the cultures different from one another.  Also one can easily seen differentiation in the local tradition in the methodology the way these are used. 
Indians are very quickly educating their plates with foreign tastes and flavours. They have that new purchasing power and have robust stomach lining unlike the Europeans. They fear and stop at nothing. Its time now to educate ourself with the Arsenal of Chillies!!
Primarily we can divide the entire planet as for the usage of Chillies on and further build out know how in return

America and Latin American: 

The prime use of the chillies are in marinades and rubs and also combined with the fruits and vegetables to make main course and snack preparations in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. In fact Mexico is known for the use of various types of Chilies and the Birthplace of the one of the most Fiery chilli in the world called - Habanero. Another important chilli is Chipotle is now being even welcomed in India which has sweet and smoky notes. 


Too much of black pepper can be extremely dangerous for this population. They have sweeter roasts and use their spices in moderation compared to American counterparts. They like to use their Cayenne pepper in Hungry and Portugal and Peperoncino in Italy and Sardinia. France uses more of white pepper and pink pepper. But all of this is used for the moderation and giving little Zing to their dishes and never to gasp for water to quench a fire with that.

Asian (India, South East Asia and Japan): 

They are one of the masters of using their spices and Chillies in various permutation and combination as these fall in the tropical climate range. Malay and Indonesians use their chillis to create fabulous dishes like Rendang and Thailand uses to enrich their Thai Curriers. Indians on the other hand create Sambhar and entire North Indian flair. Japan has Wasabi as a robust spice cum Chilli accompaniment to Sushi and Sashimis. 

Middle Eastern: 

Make use of red chilli powder to adorn the Hummus and Babaganoj. They have succulent kebabs and flavorsome rice preparations which are famous all over the world. No authentic Shavarma can be made without the use of chilli paste. 

Others: Australia and New Zealand

Aboriginals and people of Australian origin use their spice in moderation as their European friends use, in fact they also love the sweeter spice mixes from Tuscany Italy and Modern Eurasian blends. 
Over all I would like to conclude that Best of the Chefs around the world would swear on the fresh use of the Spices in and around a plate to create a plethora of fantastic dishes. 

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